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    Unit 3 Faster, higher, stronger 背景导学 Michael Jordan—Head and Shoulders Above the Rest!   迈克尔·乔丹是NBA历史上最伟大的篮球运动员,同学们认真阅读下面这篇短文,来领略这位“篮球之神”的伟大。

      During the 1990s, Michael Jordan was probably the best-known athlete in the world. He was the top scorer in the NBA, and played for the Chicago Bulls from 1984 to 1993.He was named their most valuable player five times. Wearing his famous number 23 shirt, Michael Jordan became the most successful basketball player in the history of the game. Jordan was born in New York and grew up in North Carolina. He attended the University of North Carolina for a year before leaving to join the Chicago Bulls. He finished his first season(1984—1985)as one of the top scorers in the league, with an average of 28.2 points per game. In 1987, Jordan became only the second player to score more than 3,000 points in a season. He was the top scorer in the NBA for seven consecutive seasons(1987—1993). During this time, the average number of points he scored was more than 30 points per game. With him, the Bulls won their first NBA championship in 1991.During this successful period they won the title again in 1992 and 1993. Jordan was also in the United States Olympics Basketball Team, known as “the Dream Team”, which won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Jordan surprised everyone when he retired before the 1993—1994 season, but he rejoined the Chicago Bulls and won three more championships with them from 1996 to 1998. He played again for the Washington Wizards before finally retiring from sport in 2003 at the age of 40. Millions of fans admire his athletic ability, motivation and confidence. They have fantastic stories to tell about Michael Jordan, such as the time when he rescued the Bulls from ending a game on a tie. He stepped to the line and made two free throws. Each time he threw the ball straight through the basket—and each time he had his eyes closed. There is only one word to describe the best player in the world—awesome! 【译文】 迈克尔·乔丹——篮坛超人!   20世纪90年代,迈克尔·乔丹可能是世界上最著名的运动员。他是NBA的得分王,1984年到1993年间效力于芝加哥公牛队。他曾5次荣膺最有价值球员。身着著名的23号球衣,迈克尔·乔丹成为篮球运动史上最成功的球员。




    对于这位世界上最优秀的球员,只有一个词能用来形容他——了不起! Section Ⅰ Starting out & Understanding ideas Ⅰ.课标单词 1.单词拼写 ①shot/ʃɒt/n.投球,射球,击球 ②bounce/baʊns/v.(使)弹起,(使)反弹 ③warrior/ˈwɒriə/n.武士,战士 ④bump/bʌmp/n.隆起之处 ⑤hoop/huːp/n.(篮球中的)篮圈 2.根据英文释义选词填空 backboard, footstep, philosophy, shiny, teammate ①shiny:smooth and bright; reflecting the light ②philosophy:the study of the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life ③backboard:the board behind the basket in the game of basketball ④footstep:the mark made each time your foot touches the ground when you are walking or running ⑤teammate:a fellow member of a team 3.词汇拓展 ①association/əˌsəʊsiˈeɪʃ(ə)n/n.协会,社团;联想,联系→associate/əˈsəʊsieɪt/v.联系,联想→associated/əˈsəʊsieɪtɪd/adj.有关联的;相关的;有联系的 ②muddy/ˈmʌdi/adj.多泥的;泥泞的→mud/mʌd/n.泥;泥浆 ③sharpen/ˈʃɑːpən/v.使提高,使改进;(使)变得锋利→sharp/ʃɑːp/adj.锋利的 ④expectation/ˌekspekˈteɪʃ(ə)n/n.预料,预期,期待→expect/ɪkˈspekt/v.预料,预期,期待 Ⅱ.情境词块 1.the most athletic player 最有运动天赋的运动员 2.get a point 得分 3.a far cry from 与……大不相同 把……固定,把……附在……上 all directions 四处;四面八方 in and day out 日复一日 7.give way 倒塌,向下垮 thought to be 被认为(看作)是…… 9.carry on 继续 10.end up doing sth. 最终做某事 11.continuous efforts 不断的努力 12.the Most Valuable Player 最有价值的球员 a row 连续地 14.set out to do sth. 开始做某事 15.put in 花费,投入(时间或精力) proof 活生生的例证 17.determination to succeed 取得成功的决心 18.develop one's own playing style 形成自己的打球风格 19.achieve one's dream 实现梦想 20.supporting details 支撑性细节 Ⅲ.情境佳句 1. 句型公式 强调句型 教材原句 was along this road that Stephen's grandfather built a simple basket by attaching a piece of plastic to a telephone pole. 尝试翻译 ……就沿着这条路,斯蒂芬的祖父把一块塑料粘在一根电线杆上,做成了一个简易的篮筐。

    2. 句型公式 动名词短语作主语 教材原句 Knowing where the ball would go wasn't easy. 尝试翻译 知道球要飞到哪里并不容易。

    3. 句型公式 过去分词短语作定语 教材原句 Only shots perfectly aimed at its centre went into the heavy, thick basket. 尝试翻译 只有那些完全瞄准篮筐中心的投篮才会进入又重又厚的篮筐。

    Ⅰ.文本理解 Step 1 Reading for the main idea. What is the main idea of the text? A.Stephen Curry's childhood. B.Stephen Curry's achievements. C.Stephen Curry's road to success. D.Stephen Curry's philosophy. 答案 C Step 2 Reading for the structure.   Fill in the following blanks with proper words. Stephen Curry Family background ·Stephen's 1.grandfather built a simple basket by attaching a piece of plastic to a telephone pole. ·His father used to be a basketball 3.Efforts he made ·Stephen spent many 4.childhood hours playing on this muddy basketball court. ·He had to 5.adjust his own playing style to shooting accurately. ·Practising day in and day out helped Stephen sharpen his skills. Achievements ·being selected for the NBA in 6.2009 ·winning his first NBA 7.championship in 2015 ·receiving the Most Valuable Player award for two years in a row His 8.philosophy ·What I wanted to do was just be 9.myself. ·Value the 10.skill of basketball;value the fact that you can work every single day to get better. ·You've got to be able to put in the time and the work. Step 3 Reading for the details.   Choose the best answer according to the text. 1.When was the simple basket built? A.When Stephen was young. B.When Stephen went to college. C.When Stephen's father was young. D.When Stephen's grandfather retired. 答案 A 2.What made the ball go in uncertain directions? A.Stephen's poor skill. B.The muddy road. C.The weak plastic backboard. D.The bumps and rocks under the basket. 答案 D 3.What do we know about Stephen Curry? A.He joined the NBA in 2015. B.He won his first NBA championship in 2015. C.He was elected the Most Valuable Player in 2009. D.He won the Most Valuable Player for 3 times. 答案 B 4.What can we learn from the last paragraph? A.It's never too old to learn. B.Rome was not built in one day. C.God helps those who help themselves. D.Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. 答案 D Ⅱ.难句突破 1.[图解难句] [自我分析]本句是主系表结构。动名词短语Shooting with great accuracy作主语,with great accuracy是介词短语作定语,he learnt是定语从句,修饰先行词thing。


    2.[图解难句] [自我分析]本句是主从复合句。I know是主句,其后是省略了that的宾语从句。不定式短语to value the skill of it作宾语补足语。who引导定语从句,修饰先行词people。the fact后的that引导同位语从句。


    3.[图解难句] [自我分析]本句为主从复合句。Inspiring others...是现在分词短语作状语。Stephen Curry is living proof 是主句,that become是同位语从句,作proof的同位语。同位语从句中第一个what引导主语从句,what在从句中作宾语补足语,第二个what引导宾语从句,what在从句中作表语。


    Ⅲ.文本复述 Step 1 Question Answering   根据课文回答下列问题。

    1.Where did Stephen practise basketball when he was young? On a muddy basketball court.  2.What did the bad conditions contribute to? His developing his own playing style.  3.Why did many people think that Stephen couldn't make a famous basketball star? Because he was too short, thin and weak.  4.How did Stephen achieve his dream? Through self-belief, hard work and perseverance.  Step 2 Text Retelling   将以上句子连成一篇语言流畅、用词准确、逻辑严密的 60 词左右的短文。

    Stephen Curry spent his childhood hours practising basketball on a muddy basketball court. However, the poor conditions helped him develop his own playing style. Despite this, it seemed unlikely to many people that Stephen would be a great basketball player, as he was too short, thin and weak. Nonetheless, Stephen refused to give up, and ended up being one of the greatest basketball players. It was through self-belief, hard work and perseverance that Stephen achieved his dream.  板块一 语言知识 1.A far cry from the bright lights and shiny courts of the National Basketball Association(NBA)... 这与美国男子职业篮球联赛(NBA)赛场上明亮的灯光和闪亮的球场相去甚远……(教材P26) 语言点1 a far cry from (与……)大相径庭,相去甚远; (与……)相距很远 情境探究 ①New York is a far cry from Los Angeles. 纽约离洛杉矶很远。

    ②Curling hair styles are all the cry this year. 今年卷发的发型很流行。

    ③As the saying goes, it's no use crying over spilt milk. 常言道:覆水难收。

    归纳拓展 all the cry流行,时尚 cry over spilt milk作无益的后悔;覆水难收 学以致用 (1)赏句猜义 ①Though Dick has tried hard, it is still a far cry from what his father expects of him.(与……)大相径庭,相去甚远 ②While watching this movie I just couldn't help thinking about a friend who's a far cry from me.(与……)相距很远 (2)单句填空 ③His poor performance today is a far cry from that of last year. ④There is no regret medicine in the world. Don't cry over spilt milk. 语言点2 association n.协会,联盟, 社团;交往,联合,合伙;联想,联系 情境探究 ①We are working in association with a number of local companies to raise money for the homeless. 我们正与本地的一些公司联合为无家可归的人筹款。

    ②I feel honored to have the chance to live, work and associate with them. 我觉得很荣幸有机会和他们一起生活、工作和相处。

    ③Scientists have drawn a conclusion that smoking is greatly associated with lung cancer. 科学家已得出结论:肺癌与吸烟密切相关。

    归纳拓展 (1)associate vt.联想,联系 vi.交往 associate...with...把……和……联系/联想在一起 associate with sb.与某人交往 (2)associated adj.有联系的;相关的,有关联的 be associated with...与……有联系 (3)in association with与……联合 学以致用 单句填空 ①Health is frequently thought to be associated(associate) with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. ②Many serious health problems are associated with smoking. ③China is in association(associate)with many countries in business. was along this road that Stephen's grandfather built a simple basket by attaching a piece of plastic to a telephone pole.……就是沿着这条路,斯蒂芬的祖父在一根电线杆上绑了一块塑料,造了一个简易的篮筐。(教材P26) 语言点3 attach vt.& vi.系;贴;连接;把……固定;使附属;重视 情境探究 ①The country will not attach itself to any big power. 这个国家不依附任何大国。

    ②The old man is very attached to old customs and habits. 这个老人非常依恋旧的风俗习惯。

    ③Many of us teenagers attach much more importance to our phones than to our friends. 我们很多青少年认为手机要比朋友重要得多。

    归纳拓展 (1)把……固定/附在……上 attach oneself to依附;参与 attach great importance/significance to sth.认为……非常重要/很有意义 (2)attached adj.依恋;附属于 be attached to附属于;依恋 (3)attachment n.附属;(电子邮件的)附件 学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①He attached a stamp to the envelope and mailed it. ②The boy is now studying in the middle school attached(attach) to the normal university. (2)句式升级 He is so attached to the network games that he often plays truant(逃课). →③Attached to the network games,he often plays truant.(过去分词短语作状语)  →④Attaching himself to the network games so much,he often plays truant.(现在分词短语作状语)  3.He had to adjust his own playing style as a result.因此,他不得不调整他自己的打球方式。(教材P26) 语言点4 adjust vt.调整,调节;整理 vt.& vi.适应,习惯 情境探究 ①You can adjust the belt to the size that you want. 皮带(的松紧)可按照你要的尺寸来调整。

    ②It took her a while to adjust to living alone. 她花了一段时间才适应独自生活。

    ③They adjusted themselves to the city life quickly. 他们很快就适应了城市生活。

    ④As a teacher, you have to make adjustments to the needs of your students. 作为老师,你一定要根据学生需要作出调整。

    归纳拓展 (1)调整……以适应…… adjust to (doing) sth.习惯/适应(做)某事 adjust oneself to sth.使自己适应某事 (2)adjustment n.调整;适应 make adjustments/an adjustment (to)(对……)作出调整 学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①Living in the village was also tougher than he had thought. It took him a long time to adjust to the life there. ②My parents had trouble adjusting to living(live) in an apartment. ③Considering the surroundings, we made a few adjustments(adjust) to the plan. (2)一句多译 事实上,只有不断地行动,不断地调整计划,我们才能达到我们的最终目标。

    ④Actually,only by getting moving and constantly adjusting the plan can we achieve our final goal.(adjust)  ⑤Actually,only by getting moving and constantly making adjustments to the plan can we achieve our final goal.(adjustment)  4.Only shots perfectly aimed at its centre went into the heavy,thick basket.只有那些完全瞄准篮筐中心的投篮才会进入又重又厚的篮筐。(教材P26) 语言点5 aim n.目标;目的 v.对准,打算 情境探究 ①(鲜活例句)Uganda announced a 14-day suspension of public transport aiming at stopping the spread of COVID-19.乌干达宣布暂停公共交通14天,旨在阻止新型冠状病毒肺炎的传播。

    ②These measures are aimed at preventing violent crime. 这些措施旨在防止暴力犯罪。

    ③Jane moved aimlessly down the tree-lined street,not knowing where she was heading.简沿着两旁有树的街道漫无目的地往前走,不知道她要去哪里。

    归纳拓展 (1)aim to do sth.力求做某事 aim at doing sth./be aimed at目的是;旨在 (2)take aim at...瞄准…… with the aim of以……为目标;意在…… (3)aimless adj.无目的的 aimlessly adv.无目的地 学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①Teamwork is required in order to achieve these aims(aim). ②He trained hard with the aim of passing the driving test. ③A half-dozen or so men were seated at tables talking aimlessly(aimless). (2)一句多译 这项活动的目的是提高学生的听说能力。

    →④This activity is aimed at improving the students' ability of listening and speaking.(be aimed at)  →⑤This activity aims at improving the students' ability of listening and speaking.(aim at)  5.Despite his father's successful career, Stephen was thought by many people...尽管他父亲的职业生涯很成功,但很多人都认为斯蒂芬……(教材P26) Paraphrase: Although his father was a successful basketball player, many people thought that Stephen.... 语言点6 despite prep.尽管 情境探究 ①Despite the previous rounds of talks,no agreement has been reached so far by the two sides.尽管以前进行了多轮的会谈,但到目前为止双方尚未达成任何协议。

    ②In spite of ups and downs,she never takes her fate lying down.尽管有起起落落,但她从不甘心接受命运的摆布。

    ③Our club is open to everyone regardless of age,sex or the educational background.我们的俱乐部对所有人开放,不分年龄、性别和教育背景。

    ④She went to Spain despite the fact that her doctor had told her to rest. 尽管事实是医生告诉她要休息,但她还是去了西班牙。

    归纳拓展 (1)despite和in spite of有“尽管”之意,而regardless of...强调“不认为……重要,从而不加以重视或考虑”。

    (2)regardless of后可跟whether,what引导的从句,而in spite of和despite后不可接从句,但是其后可加the fact that...(that引导同位语从句)。

    学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①Despite applying(apply) for hundreds of jobs,he is still out of work. ②The difference is important regardless of the industry and company size. (2)句式升级 ③Although the weather was bad,the plane took off. →The plane took offdespite/in spite of the fact thatthe weather was bad.  6.But Stephen carried on.但是斯蒂芬坚持了下来。(教材P26) 语言点7 carry on 继续;坚持;进行 情境探究 ①If you carry on working like that,you will break down sooner or later. 如果你继续像那样工作,你迟早会累垮的。

    ②He gave himself a new name to hide his identity when he went to carry out the secret task. 当他去执行这项秘密任务时,他给自己起了一个新名字来隐藏自己的身份。

    ③He carried the work through in a month. 这项工作他一个月就完成了。

    归纳拓展 carry on(doing) sth.继续(做)某事 carry out完成(任务);实施,落实;执行,履行 carry sth. through成功完成,顺利实现 carry sb. through帮助某人渡过难关 学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①I hate it when she calls me at work—I am always too busy to carry on a conversation with her. ②The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see it carried(carry) out the next year. (2)句式升级 ③She ignored him and carried on with her work. →She ignored him, carrying on with her work.(现在分词作状语)  7.His creativity and perseverance made him Davidson's star player.他的创造力和毅力使他成为戴维森学院的明星球员。(教材P27) Paraphrase: He became Davidson's star player because of his creativity and perseverance. 语言点8 句型公式:“make+宾语+宾补”结构 情境探究 ①The Internet makes our lives easy and convenient. 互联网使我们的生活变得容易、方便。

    ②What he said made all of us laugh. 他说的话让我们都大笑起来。

    ③I'm not very good at German, but I can make myself understood. 我的德语不太好,但我能表达清楚自己的意思。

    归纳拓展 “make+宾语+宾补”结构中,可以作宾补的有:名词、形容词、省略to的不定式及过去分词。

    学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①The joke the naughty boy played on the old man made many people angry(anger). ②There were so many people in the hospital that I was made to wait(wait) four hours before I was examined by a doctor.  ③He made his planknown(know) to the whole class. (2)句式升级 ④The cooling wind swept through our bedroom windows, so it was unnecessary to use air conditioning. →The cooling wind swept through our bedroom windows, making air conditioning unnecessary.(make+宾语+宾补)  8.He performed beyond everyone's expectations with his accurate shooting and continuous efforts.他准确的投篮和不断的努力让他的表现超出了所有人的预期。(教材P27) 语言点9 effort n.努力 情境探究 ①(鲜活例句)Chinese-American communities across the U.S. are making hard efforts to help fight against COVID-19. 全美华人社区正为协助抗击新冠肺炎做出艰苦努力。

    ②Food safety is very important,so the government spares no effort to prevent food pollution. 食品安全非常重要,因此政府不遗余力地防止食品污染。

    ③He won first prize in the speech contest without effort. 他轻松地赢得了演讲比赛的一等奖。

    归纳拓展 (1)make efforts/an effort/every effort to do sth.尽一切努力做某事 spare no effort (to do)不遗余力(做) (2)with effort努力地,艰难地 without effort容易地,不费力地 头脑风暴 “尽一切努力做某事”的表达还有哪些? 答案:try/do one's best to do sth.;do all that sb. can to do sth.;do what sb. can to do sth. 学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①You have to make efforts(effort) if you want to make progress in English. ②I think you'd better spare no effort to work(work) hard to pass the exam next time.  (2)句式升级 To be admitted to a key university, all the students are doing their best to study. →③To be admitted to a key university, all the students aremaking great efforts to study.(effort)  →④To be admitted to a key university, all the students are doing what they can to study.(what从句)  9.After receiving the Most Valuable Player award for two years in a row, Stephen explained his philosophy...在连续两年获得“最有价值球员”奖后,斯蒂芬阐述了他的人生哲学……(教材P27) Paraphrase:After he had been awarded the Most Valuable Player for two years in a row, Stephen explained his philosophy. 语言点10 award n.奖;奖品 vt.授予;给予;判定 情境探究 ①He received an award from the government for his contribution to agriculture. 他因为对农业的贡献而获得政府的奖励。

    ②They awarded the first prize to John.=They awarded John the first prize. 他们把一等奖颁给了约翰。

    归纳拓展 (1)award sth. to sb.=award sb. sth.把某物颁发给某人 (2)win/receive/get an award for因……而赢得/得到/获得奖项 背景知识 MVP(Most Valuable Player),也就是“最有价值球员”的意思,是NBA一年一度对该赛季发挥突出的球员颁发的奖项。MVP有四种:常规赛MVP、总决赛MVP、全明星赛MVP和新秀挑战赛MVP。

    学以致用 (1)单句填空 ①He received an award for his high academic achievement. ②The first prize was awarded to the youngest competitor. (2)句式升级 ③The student was awarded the first prize, so he worked harder than before. →Awarded the first prize, the student worked harder than before.(过去分词作状语)  板块二 课文对译 用适当的词句补全教材原文。

    The Road To Success   Near the small town of Grottoes, Virginia, a narrow dirt road goes from the house of Stephen Curry's grandfather to the woods nearby. A far cry from① the bright lights and shiny② courts of the National Basketball Association③(NBA), it was along this road that④ Stephen's grandfather built a simple basket by attaching a piece of plastic to a telephone pole⑤.  [文本解读] 本段在介绍主人公之前,先对祖父建造的简易的球篮进行渲染和铺垫,为下文主人公在艰苦环境下取得成功埋下了伏笔。第一句话中的goes“(从……)通向,延伸到”,属于熟词生义,小词大意,用词精准、生动。最后一句使用了强调句型,表面上是强调主人公训练条件艰苦,实则是突出主人公坚强的毅力和决心。

    通往成功之路   在弗吉尼亚州的格罗托斯小镇附近,有一条狭窄的土路从斯蒂芬·库里祖父的房子通往附近的树林。这与美国男子职业篮球联赛③(NBA)赛场上明亮的灯光和闪亮的②球场相去甚远①。斯蒂芬的祖父就是沿着这条路,④在一根电线杆上绑了一块塑料,⑤造了一个简易的篮筐。

      Like his father, basketball star Dell Curry, Stephen spent many childhood hours playing on this muddy⑥ basketball court. He probably didn't realise it at the time, but it was where he learnt to be creative and flexible as a player⑦. You see, with every shot⑧, the weak plastic backboard gave way⑨. The bumps⑩ and rocks that lined the road under the basket ⑪caused the ball to bounce  ⑫in all directions. Knowing where the ball would go wasn't easy ⑬. He had to adjust his own playing style as a result. Shooting with great accuracy ⑭ was another thing he learnt. Only shots perfectly aimed at its centre ⑮ went into the heavy, thick basket. In this way, practising day in and day out ⑯ helped Stephen sharpen ⑰ his skills.  [文本解读] 本段主要介绍斯蒂芬·库里在爷爷为他制作的简易篮球场上训练时遇到的困难,及他是如何克服困难、提升篮球投篮技巧的。运用了一些高级表达方式。如:where引导的表语从句,that引导的定语从句,动名词短语Knowing where the ball would go、Shooting with great accuracy及practising day in and day out作主语,过去分词短语aimed at its centre作定语等。另外一些词汇的精准运用,如:probably、creative、flexible、give way、in all directions及day in and day out也值得同学们去模仿、使用。

      像他的父亲,篮球明星戴尔·库里一样,斯蒂芬小时候的许多时光也是在这个泥泞的⑥篮球场上度过的。他当时可能没有意识到这一点,但正是在这里,他学会了作为一名球员的创造力和灵活性⑦。你看,每一次投篮⑧,脆弱的塑料篮板都被击垮⑨了。篮下道路两旁的 ⑪坑坑洼洼⑩和石块使球向四面八方反弹 ⑫。知道球要飞到哪里并不容易 ⑬。因此,他不得不调整自己的打球风格。精准投篮 ⑭是他学到的另一个技巧。只有那些完全瞄准篮筐中心的 ⑮投篮才会进入又重又厚的篮筐。就这样,日复一日地练习 ⑯帮助斯蒂芬提高 ⑰了他的技能。

      Despite his father's successful career, Stephen was thought by many people, including his high school teammates ⑱ and coaches, to be too short, too thin and too weak to follow in his father's footsteps ⑲. But Stephen carried on ⑳. Playing basketball was his dream. He would not give up. He finally ended up playing ㉑ college ball at a small, little-known school, Davidson College, not too far from where he lived. His creativity and perseverance made him Davidson's star player ㉒.  [文本解读] 本段讲了斯蒂芬·库里由于身体条件不好,许多人,包括他的队友和教练,认为他不会像他父亲那样成为成功的篮球运动员。但是,库里为了追逐梦想,没有放弃,最终成为戴维森学院的明星球员。本段中despite、but、finally等词的运用使文章逻辑严密,说服力更强。另外,短语follow in one's footsteps、carry on、end up doing和词汇little-known、creativity、perseverance的运用以及where引导的宾语从句,以及最后一句使用了“主语+谓语+宾语+宾补(名词)”结构,都值得同学们去模仿和学习。

      尽管他父亲的职业生涯很成功,但很多人,包括他的高中队友 ⑱和教练,都认为斯蒂芬太矮、太瘦、太虚弱,无法追随父亲的脚步 ⑲。但是斯蒂芬坚持了下来 ⑳。打篮球是他的梦想。他不会放弃。最终,他去了离家不远的戴维森学院去打球, ㉑那是一个规模小、不出名的学校。他的创造力和毅力使他成为戴维森学院的明星球员 ㉒。

      Selected for ㉓ the NBA in 2009, Stephen joined the Golden State Warriors ㉔. He performed beyond everyone's expectations ㉕ with his accurate shooting and continuous efforts ㉖. In 2015, Stephen won his first NBA championship, and he led the Warriors to their first championship since 1975.  [文本解读] 本段介绍了库里加盟金州勇士队,赢得了他第一个NBA总冠军,并带领勇士队自1975年以来首度夺冠。使用了过去分词短语Selected for the NBA in 2009作状语,介词短语with his accurate shooting and continuous efforts表示原因,使表达更简洁、地道。beyond everyone's expectations的运用凸显了库里艰苦的付出和他的毅力。

      2009年,斯蒂芬入选 ㉓NBA,加入金州勇士队 ㉔。他准确的投篮和不断的努力 ㉖让他的表现超出了所有人的预期 ㉕。2015年,斯蒂芬赢得了他的第一个NBA总冠军,他带领勇士队获得了自1975年以来的第一个总冠军。

      After receiving the Most Valuable Player award for two years in a row ㉗, Stephen explained his philosophy ㉘,“I never really set out to change the game...What I wanted to do was just be myself ㉙... I know it inspires a lot of the next generation, a lot of people who love the game of basketball to value ㉚ the skill of it, value the fact that you can work every single day to get better ㉛.You've got to be able to put in the time and the work. That's how I got here ㉜. That's how I continue to get better every single day.” Inspiring others to believe in themselves ㉝, Stephen Curry is living proof that what other people think of you does not have to influence what you become ㉞. Through self-belief ㉟, hard work, perseverance and some help from an old hoop ㊱, he has shown that anything is possible ㊲.  [文本解读] 本段主要通过库里本人说的一些话,讲述了他的人生哲学。这样更有说服力,更能起到鼓舞、激励青年人的作用。文末最后一句总结库里取得成功的原因,起到了概括全文的作用。本段中,主语从句What I wanted to do,how引导的表语从句, who引导的定语从句,the fact和living proof后的两个同位语从句,特别是第二个同位语从句中包含了两个what引导的主语从句和宾语从句,这些主从复合句的运用都彰显了作者扎实的语言功底,同学们可以赏析和模仿。

      在连续 ㉗两年获得“最有价值球员”奖后,斯蒂芬阐述了他的人生哲学 ㉘:“我从未真正想过要改变比赛……我只想做我自己 ㉙……我知道它激励了很多下一代人,激励了很多热爱篮球运动的人去重视 ㉚它的技巧,重视这样一个事实:你可以每天都努力变得更好 ㉛。你必须能够投入时间和精力。我就是这样做的 ㉜。这就是我每天都在进步的原因。”激励别人,相信自己 ㉝,斯蒂芬·库里就是一个活生生的例子,别人对你的看法并不一定会影响你成为什么样的人 ㉞。通过自信 ㉟、勤奋、毅力和破旧篮圈 ㊱的帮助,他证明了一切皆有可能 ㊲。

    Ⅰ.语境填词 1.But something made her look closer, and she noticed a shiny(闪光的) object. 2.He joined an association(社团)and took part in lots of activities in his spare time. 3.They left the car and struck out along the muddy(泥泞的) track. 4.The ball bounced(弹起) twice before he could reach it. 5.This exercise will help students sharpen(使改进) up their reading skills. 6.I played the games with my teammates(队友), and we always won. 7.Although his father was a famous musician, the young man didn't follow his father's footsteps(足迹). 8.They have adopted the measure contributing to realizing the expectation(预期) aim. 9.She gained a master's degree in philosophy(哲学) in 1993. 10.A basketball hoop(圈)is the ring that players try to throw the ball into in order to score points for their team. Ⅱ.语境选词 a far cry from; give way; in all directions; follow in one's footsteps; beyond one's expectation; carry on; end up; in a row 1.When he lost three races in a row, some observers began to complain.  2.He ended up his speech with the word “Thank you”.  3.Then we had tea, with a huge Christmas cake covered with snowmen. It didn't seem possible, but we carried on eating.  4.He visited Hangzhou last week, and the beauty of West Lake in spring was beyond his expectation.  5.What he did was a far cry from what he promised at the meeting.  6.The pillars(立柱) gave way and a section of the roof collapsed.  7.Tom's father was a great doctor and expected him to follow in his footsteps, but Tom didn't follow his advice.  8.When the police arrived, the crowd scattered(分散)in all directions.  Ⅲ.完成句子 1.尽管他最年轻,但他们仍决定选他当队长。(make+宾语+宾补) He was the youngest,but they decided to make him captain.  2.我们必须重视环境保护。(attach) We must attach importance to environmental protection.  3.我就是这样适应那种新环境的。(how引导表语从句) This is how I adjusted myself to the new environment.  4.他们高高兴兴地回家了,有说有笑。(现在分词短语作伴随状语) They went home happily, talking and laughing.  5.学生们在空闲时间里做的事情很重要。(what引导的主语从句) What the students do in their spare time is of great importance.  Ⅳ.课文语法填空 Stephen Curry, 1.whose father was a basketball star, spent many childhood hours 2.playing(play) on the muddy basketball court, where he learnt to be 3.creative(create) and flexible as a player and 4.developed(develop) his own playing style and shot 5.accurately(accurate). Although Stephen was thought to be too short, too thin and too weak to follow his father's footsteps, he carried on and would not give up because playing basketball was his dream. As a result, Stephen ended up playing basketball at Davidson College. 7.Selected(select) for the NBA in 2009, Stephen joined the Golden State Warriors. In 2015, he won his first NBA championship and led his team to win their first championship since 1975. All his 8.achievements(achievement) were made through his self-belief, perseverance and continuous efforts. 9.What we learn from him is that anything is possible if you believe in 10.yourselves(you) and work hard. Ⅰ.单句填空 1.The Irish traditionally wear something green on St Patrick's Day, as the color is associated with Ireland. 2.He was awarded(award) a prize for his contribution to world peace.  3.You have to make efforts(effort) if you want to make progress in English. 4.She spoke loudly to make herself heard(hear) clearly. 5.I've carried out a survey among us students on whether students should take part-time jobs. 6.It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas leads a simple life despite his great wealth. 7.The local government has taken some effective measures, aiming(aim) at cutting down the cost during the tough economy. 8.Wherever he goes,he can adjust himself to new circumstances. 9.The boy is now studying in the middle school attached(attach) to the normal university. 10.I am sure that I can perfectly live up to your expectation(expect). Ⅱ.同义替换 carry on; sharpen; beyond one's expectation; award; adjust; follow one's footsteps; despite; a far cry from 1.Our village is very different from what it was before.(a far cry from)  2.He has greatly improved his spoken English by this means.(sharpened) 3.He is a science teacher and expects his daughter to do the same job as he does.(follow his footsteps)  4.They went on doing their research in spite of the difficult conditions.(carried on)  5.The beauty of Guilin in autumn was more than what she had expected.(beyond her expectation)  6.She remained optimistic in spite of so much hardship she had experienced.(despite)  7.It took her a while to adapt to living alone.(adjust) 8.Sue and John were especially thrilled with this prize.(award) Ⅲ.教材原句翻译 1.就是沿着这条路,斯蒂芬的祖父在一根电线杆上绑了一块塑料,造了一个简易的篮筐。

    It was along this road that Stephen's grandfather built a simple basket by attaching a piece of plastic to a telephone pole.  2.只有完美地瞄准中心,篮球才能进入厚重的篮筐。

    Only shots perfectly aimed at its centre went into the heavy,thick basket.  3.他的创造力和毅力使他成为戴维森学院的明星球员。

    His creativity and perseverance made him Davidson's star player.  4.在连续两年获得“最有价值球员”奖后,斯蒂芬阐述了他的人生观。

    After receiving the Most Valuable Player award for two years in a row, Stephen explained his philosophy.  5.我只想做我自己。

    What I wanted to do was just be myself.  Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2020河南虞城高中月考) If you love basketball, you must know Stephen Curry, an excellent basketball player in the NBA. Curry was born on March 14th, 1988 in Ohio, the US. His father and brother were both basketball players. In his childhood, his father often took him and his brother to watch the games and practise basketball after competitions. Influenced by his father, Curry showed the talents for playing basketball when he was young. And he had a perfect balance between athletic skills and performances. However, due to a lack of size and strength at that time, many school didn't believe in his abilities or skills and refused to make him join their school basketball teams. Curry never gave up but removed the doubts with hard training. All his devotion and persistence paid off. He was enrolled at Davidson College where he became a national star. He always got the most points in a game and people could hardly forget his fantastic performances. In 2009, Curry became a member of the GSW(Golden State Warriors). Curry is famous especially for his three-point shot. He made more than 400 three-point shots in the 2016 season. Many fans call him the greatest shooter in NBA history. He has won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award twice, and led the GSW to their first championship. “He is like a great actor on a Broadway stage.” said coach Steve Kerr. “He sings his best notes and dances his best steps.” Curry is still young and has a long way to go in NBA.We believe that he will bring us more surprises in the future. 1.Why was Curry rejected by some school teams before he became famous? A.Because he lacked athletic skills. B.Because he was thought to be weak and short. C.Because he was too young. D.Because he lacked game experience. 2.Paragraphs 3 and 4 mainly tell us that    .  A.Curry has been very successful. B.Curry is facing many questions. C.Curry works very hard. D.Curry devotes much to the career. 3.What is the author's attitude towards Curry? A.Pity.   B.Disappointment. C.Concern.   D.Admiration. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文,文章介绍了NBA球星斯蒂芬·库里。

    1.B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段中的However, due to a lack of size and strength at that time, many school didn't believe in his abilities or skills and refused to make him join their school basketball teams.可知,因为他身材矮小,看上去没有力气,所以被球队拒绝。

    2.A 主旨大意题。根据第三、四段的内容,可以看出第三段主要介绍了库里的努力有了回报,在大学时进入了戴维森学院,2009年加入金州勇士队。第四段主要介绍他在NBA取得的成绩。故答案选A。

    3.D 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段中的He sings his best notes and dances his best steps...We believe that he will bring us more surprises in the future.可知,作者是在赞扬他,故D正确。

    Ⅱ.七选五 (2020江西南昌二中期中) Much of the work in today's world is accomplished(完成) in teams. Most people believe the best way to build a great team is to gather a group of the most talented individuals.  1  Companies spend millions hiring top business people. Is their money well spent?   2  They focused on football, basketball and baseball. The results are mixed. For football and basketball, adding talented players to a team proves a good method, but only up to the point where 70% of the players are top talent; above that level, the team's performance begins to decline. Interestingly, this trend isn't evident in baseball, where additional individual talent keeps improving the team's performance.  To explain this phenomenon, the researchers explored the degree to which a good performance by a team requires its members to coordinate(协调) their actions.  3  In baseball, the performance of individual players is less dependent on teammates. They conclude that when task interdependence is high, team performance will suffer when there is too much talent, while individual talent will have positive effects on team performance when task interdependence is lower. If a basketball star is, for example, trying to gain a high personal point total, he may take a shot himself when it would be better to pass the ball to a teammate, affecting the team's performance. Young children learning to play team sports are often told, “There is no I in TEAM.”  4   Another possibility is that when there is a lot of talent on a team, some players may make less effort. Just as in a game of tug-of-war(拔河比赛), whenever a person is added, everyone else pulls the rope with less force.  5  An A-team may require a balance—not just A players, but a few generous B players as well.  A.It's not a simple matter to determine the nature of talent. B.Sports team owners spend millions of dollars attracting top talent. C.The group interaction and its effect drew the researchers' attention. D.Stars apparently do not follow this basic principle of sportsmanship. E.Several recent studies examined the role of talent in the sports world. F.Building up a dream team is more complex than simply hiring the best talent. G.This task interdependence distinguishes baseball from football and basketball. 1.    2.    3.    4.    5.     答案 [语篇解读] 这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。文章主要讲了建立一支最佳团队比简单地雇用最优秀的人才要复杂得多。一支一流球队可能需要一种平衡——不仅仅是最好球员,也需要一些有雅量的普通球员。

    1.B 考查段中承启句。上文说“大多数人相信建立一个伟大团队的最好方法就是聚集一群最有天赋的个人”。下文说“公司花费数百万雇用顶级商业人士。”该空承上启下,也是在举例,故选B。

    2.E 考查段首句及逻辑关系。下文说“他们的注意力集中在足球、篮球和棒球上。结果很复杂。”这些都属于体育方面,该空引出下文,E选项“最近的几项研究调查了体育世界中人才的作用”切题,故选E。

    3.G 考查段中承启句。上文说“为了解释这一现象,研究人员探索了一场好的表现要求队员们协调他们行动的程度”,下文说明了研究结果,该空承上启下,故选G。

    4.D 考查段尾句以及逻辑关系。上文说了“一个球星为了个人得分而影响团队的表现”,该空承接上文,D选项“球星显然没有遵守运动员精神的基本原则”切题,故选D。

    5.F 考查段首主题句。下文说“一支一流球队可能需要一种平衡——不仅仅是最好球员,也需要一些有雅量的普通球员。”该空引出下文,F选项“建立一支理想的团队比简单地雇用最优秀的人才要复杂得多”切题,故选F。

    Ⅲ.完形填空 (2020山东济宁期中)   In 2009 a group of parents in an English town started sharing worries about their children's money management skills. Shopping was done online; the children  1  saw their parents handling cash. They were  2  money online, too. Money had become intangible(无形的). How, then, were children to learn its  3 ?  The answer they put  4  was GoHenry, an app now available in Britain. It is designed to help young people learn good  5  habits through real-world money management. Parents sign up with their own bank account(账户) and pay a monthly  6  of $2.99 for each child aged six or over. Adults and children  7  separate versions. At the end of last year, 379,000 children had active accounts.  Parents can schedule pocket money and  8  tasks. When those tasks are marked as  9 , the child is paid some money back as a reward. Parents can see what child has  10  and where. And children choose  11  to use the card: in shops, online or at ATMs.  Children get debit cards(借记卡) with their names. They can  12  their spending and set savings targets. They can decide to  13  for someone's birthday or set a goal at 12 to  14  $2,000 to buy a car at age 18.The app tells them how much to save each week to meet their  15 .  1.A.seldom   B.regularly    C.suddenly   D.only 2.A.playing   B.writing     C.spending   D.talking 3.A.books    B.material     C.history    D.value 4.A.up    B.forward    D.down 5.A.physical    D.cultural 6.A.fee    B.fine    C.bonus    D.salary 7.A.overuse   B.create 8.A.use     B.set     C.enjoy    D.change 9.A.done    B.lost    C.gone    D.used 10.A.bought    C.eaten    D.worn 11.A.who    B.where    C.why    D.whether 12.A.use    B.continue   C.increase   D.view 13.A.complete  B.return    D.wait 14.A.donate    B.have    C.waste    D.borrow   B.rule    C.goal    D.deadline 答案 [语篇解读] 这是一篇说明文。主要介绍了为了让孩子们了解到金钱的价值,英国一款名为GoHenry的应用程序,使得家长可以通过设置零花钱和任务来教导孩子如何用钱,孩子们也可以查看自己的支出并设定储蓄目标。

    1.A 结合上文Shopping was done online可知由于网上购物,孩子们现在很少(seldom)看到父母使用现金。故选A。

    2.C 结合下文online, too可知孩子们也在网上消费(spending)。故选C。

    3.D 结合上文Money had become intangible(无形的)。可知由于网上购物,金钱成了无形的,因此孩子们如何能了解到金钱的价值(value)。故选D。

    4.B put up张贴,搭建;put forward提出;put off推迟;put down写下,镇压。结合上文How, then, were children to learn its value提出的孩子们如何了解金钱的价值的问题,此处是对上文问题的回答,人们想出的答案是应用软件GoHenry。故选B。

    5.B physical身体的;financial金融的;social社会的;cultural文化的。结合下文through real-world money management可知是帮助年轻人通过现实世界的理财来学习良好的理财习惯。故选B。

    6.A fee费用;fine罚款;bonus奖金;salary工资。结合下文of $2.99 for each child aged six or over.可知是给应用软件支付2.99美元的费用。故选A。

    7.C overuse过度使用;create创造;download下载;show展示。结合上文GoHenry, an app now available in Britain可知GoHenry是一款应用软件,大人和儿童分别下载不同的版本。故选C。

    8.B 结合下文When those tasks are marked...可知父母在软件上给孩子们设置(set)零花钱和任务。故选B。

    9.A 结合下文the child is paid some money back as a reward可知任务被完成(done)时,孩子们可以得到奖励。故选A。

    10.A 句意:父母可以看到孩子买了什么,在哪里买的。故选A。

    11.B 结合下文in shops, online or at ATMs都是地点,可知是选择在哪里使用。故选B。

    12.D 结合下文their spending and set savings targets可知是在软件上查看(view)自己的支出并设定储蓄目标。故选D。

    13.C 结合下文for someone's birthday可知是为某人的生日存钱。故选C。

    14.B 结合下文$2,000 to buy a car at age 18可知在18岁时拥有2,000美元买一辆车。故选B。

    15.C money金钱;rule规则;goal目标;deadline截止日期。结合上文set a goal可知应用会告诉他们,为了达到目标,每周应该存多少钱。故选C。


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